Day 1 and I am a little anxious

I’m sitting with Bob at Saint Regis hotel restaurant.  The beach is where they filmed South Pacific.  The sun was setting and it was breathtaking.  I am wondering what my deal is.  The only paradise I feel is knowing that I have my husband close and that feels like the only home and comfort I have right now.

We landed to 90 degrees and humidity…deep breath…it’s just a fluke in May.  Got our rental and off to see the green house we found on google for rent.  It was tiny and darling.  Really the perfect size and feel for what would make me comfortable with one small problem.  The home had no A/C.   The owner was quite delightful but warned us of the heat and mosquitoes that “eat her alive…especially in August and September”.  Hmmm…she should get someone else to show the house I think.

Bob sits next to me as I hold back the tears and he assures me that we will find the perfect place tomorrow.  This is the deal.  I imagined a cottage on a beach, quiet with the sound of the ocean.  Tonight we are in a condo, surrounded by hundreds of other condos.  There may be a beach close or even a pool but I’m too busy trying not to panic.  The worst part, they checked us in and sent us to a desk to get a “parking pass” AND to hard sell me to listen to a pitch for a timeshare.

The good news is that I anticipated this would be hard.  Not sure how to get comfortable. Tomorrow we go in search of a place to call home…

Stay tuned…

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