Day 3 – Parasites, Fences and Waterholes

My first book for the sabbatical is a book Kendra recommended called “Emotional Agility” . The author references “Hooks” (think fishing) in our lives which are defined as being caught by a self-defeating emotion, thought or behavior.  Here is an example to help understand:

(Follow the degradation of thought that get’s us hooked)

“I’m sitting at my desk writing a book, and progressing slowly.”

“I’m a slow writer.”

“I’m too slow at writing.”

“I’m slower than most writers.”

“I’m falling behind.”

“I’m kidding myself about how much I can write before this deadline.  Why can’t I be honest with myself?  I’m done for.”

Dad spotted this parasite plant on our walk yesterday.  You can see it’s foreign roots are leaching the strength of the tree.  Negative thoughts behave in the same way.  They will leach from you as long as you let them.  The author asks a profound question…”Who is in charge, the THINKER or the THOUGHT?  We have quick internal discussions that can spiral if we let the “thought” control our sense of self and value.  Instead of acting upon our cherished values and long term goals we allow parasitic thoughts to derail us.

Time to get the pruners…

Tree with parasite plant

One more thing.  Bob and I were listening to a podcast about two young men, turned ministers that have a large following.  In their quest for truth they came to understand the difference between a well and a fence spiritually.  Ranchers generally know that if they have a watering hole they don’t need a fence to keep the cows in.  The cows won’t stray far from their true source of life – the watering hole.  They came to understand that Christ is the well.  He is the one true source of life.  What these two young men had determined in their youth was that their churches just build fences to keep them in the faith.  The pastors were operating out of fear of sin and not love of Christ.  I thought about raising children.  As parents are we building fences or watering holes?  I think the greatest chance of success is that your children see you going to the true source of life enough to trust that they don’t need a fence.  They will learn to be self governed because they see light and joy in your example.  Just for the record, all my children do a marvelous job of this…

2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Parasites, Fences and Waterholes

  1. She goes on to say that our stories from the past should not represent to totality of our lives. For instance, the “dingaling darling” statement that told me that my Dad thought I was cute and dumb. I fight this fatalistic voice that says…Dad was right every time I find myself with a test of my knowledge. Speaking of knowledge did you know that it is milquetoast…not milk toast? Just lie if you already knew so you don’t send me into a talespin:)! No, don’t lie…
    Love you too!


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