Day 2 – Kauai from tip to toe

Did you know that Hawaii is three hours behind us?  If not for the dark sky, 3:30am seemed the perfect time to get up.  Instead I laid awake and made some decisions.  First of all, this is not a vacation, this is a sabbatical which by definition is a time to rest, renew and think deeply. With us both struggling to sleep through the rest of the night we eventually got up and took an early morning walk to the edge of the island and sat on some adirondack chairs and soaked up the early morning air and sun that was just cresting over the horizon.  I was able to check all three…rest, renew and think deeply off my list for the day.  Just what I needed.  I, without shame, listened to Moana.  She sings my mantra with these lyrics “The call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me…and come what may I know the way.”  Movie theme songs are so inspiring for me.   So “knowing” the way is still a bit ambiguous.  I want to rush to the peace and perspective fully being aware that is not how this works and there is much to do.  So I have a list of certain things I will do before I close my eyes each night.  Writing about our day and thoughts in this blog is one of them…

With still no place to call home here in Hawaii we set out to find something.  Our challenge has several faces.  First of all, being late in the game most every rental is partially booked through out the 4 months we were going to stay.  This would require a lot of moving around, skipping from one unit to another for the guests that actually planned ahead.  Second, they charge by the night at the same rate as a hotel would charge.  This would make it a very expensive sabbatical!  We found a home that might work (much cheaper).  We will stay at Saint Regis for a couple of days to wait and see.  If we are able to secure the home we will stay until our flight back to Utah June 21st.  If not, we will head to New Zealand next week.  It’s been a dizzying day.  Tomorrow it may all change and I can’t wait until the blog post that will tell me what in the world we decided.  In the meantime we were able to drive from end to end of the island.  One of our stops was at the DMB project.  Beautiful property and very gracious hosts.

(Note…I found this perfect Plumeria and carried it with me to enjoy on our morning walk at which time we enjoyed our breakfast with this little red topped bird!  The Plumeria tree is everywhere on this island which makes me wish that Bath and Body would bring that scented lotion back!  The flower is beautifully fragrant)

Time to read…


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