Day 5 – Rameumptom, Roosters, T,G,B, Jennie’s Eyes and Family

Looking for some Zoramites cause we just found their rameumpton on our walk this morning!  Getting closer to God has its advantages if this is the view…


Legend has it that years ago a hurricane destroyed a chicken farm on the island of Kauai and these roosters and chickens have populated the island.  You see them everywhere.  They eat great here around the pool at St. Regis.

It was a lovely day by the beach.  My favorite lesson from the book today was the need to be present every day.  “Be here now.”  The idea is that the undisciplined mind is easily distracted, whip-sawing back and forth in time, engaging with “push” memories of the past and “pull” projections of the future.

I realize the difficulty of enjoying the now is when I am always worried about yesterday and more importantly tomorrow.  I tried to be mindful today, to breath, to observe deeply and even got in the pool for a bit.  It was surprisingly helpful.


Thankful – Grateful – Blessed

This stopped me in my tracks as we passed the gift shop on our way to breakfast.  It inspired and then confused me.  What is the difference between these three words.  I asked Dad and we were both surprised that we really didn’t know.  So here it is:

ThankfulRelief.  When something unpleasant or dangerous did not happen.  Getting news that Charlie’s heart was just fine and that Poppy’s just needed occasional monitoring…well I was thankful that all was well.

Grateful – Gratitude for a service or favor.  I’m grateful for the videos my children post on hangouts of my grandchildren.  One of the best parts of my day.  I watch them over and over.

Blessed – Holy – a blessed life – My faith and my family…

thankful grateful blessed

Jennie Slade’s eyes.  

This is a poster in one of the shops here.  Everytime I walk by it I think of Jennie…

Jennies eyes

I’m going to get this T-shirt.  I never wear clothes with words on them but this made me smile.

Vibe Tribe


We just got word tonight that the home we were going to stay in for the rest of our stay here in Hawaii just got a long term lease and he is begging us to let him lease the home to this other group.  So we are once again homeless…time to buy that tent!

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