Day 7,8 and 9 – Struggles, Sunsets and Talking it Through

I’ve decided that God was a great artist.  Everyday on our walks I notice plants with patterns and colors and complex formations that defy all imagination.  Clear evidence of a thoughtful Father in Heaven that left us clues as to his love.  I’ll take some tomorrow.

For three days Bob and I have been reading and talking and maybe I’ve done a little crying.  But the clouds are lifting metaphorically and literally.  The urge to come home is subsiding and I am finding this time a crucial part of deciding what is next in a healthier emotional space.  Our reading has been enlightening and helpful and we do it everyday with several hours of conversation that follows.  I don’t think very many husbands would spend this kind of thoughtful time with their wife but Bob is for me and it has meant the world to me.

Just another “sunset” in paradise…

Sunset #1

Our community sunsetters.

Community sunset

I found out today that Bob had a pet goose when he was young.  I asked him what you do with a pet goose.  He informed me “You don’t let them bite you.  They have really sharp teeth.”  I’m thinking, “Did you stick your finger in their mouths often?”

I imagine they don’t play fetch very well either.

Reef below our house

This is the literal view from our living room.  The window is the length of the wall and opens up for this kind of evening every night.  It helps me take deep breaths!

Beach view from our house

The sun setting…on our faces!

Bob and Christi at Sunset

Last night we walked through picture memory lane.  I’m not going to post all my homemade easter dresses my Mom made…I just want my girls to know that I came by it honestly.  This is why you always got matching homemade dresses and not baskets!

Yellow pocket dots and yellow rickrack.  I remember as if it were yesterday.  It was also a time when blonde came naturally to me.

Little Christi and Easter dresses

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kendras wedding.  This is Grandpa Worsleys hand.  Such a sweet tender man and might I add gorgeous daughter!

Grandpa and Kendra

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