Days 10 – Aloha but no Linger Longer Luau and Waimea Canyon

We entered a tiny chapel of 8 rows thinking we would stick out like a sore thumb.  We were warmly greeted by a women who bragged about the fact that she is a retired teacher from LA and has a home right on the beach.  She then informed me that there are 15 active members in Kauai but to expect up to 250 visitors.  We filled up chapel and overflow with a bunch of white mainlanders!  Faithful saints from all over who took a break from the sun and went to worship the Son.  A couple of boys from the mainland wore the traditional skirt of the native men.  They were asked to help pass the sacrament.  A sister came around asking if anyone knew how to play the piano for the service.  Thankfully a sister agreed to play.  I wish I could have said with confidence that I did.  Dang.  One of the speakers is related to President Gordon and Marjorie Hinckley.  He told some amazing stories about his ancestors.

#1 A women in Europe (he thinks Denmark) allowed the very cold missionaries into her home to warm up.  She left the room to get them something to drink and while in the kitchen she heard them sing “God Be With You Til We Meet Again.”  She was not happy at first letting them come in but when she heard this song she was so moved that her entire family was baptised and came to America with their 6 children.  They came a little late and ended up traveling with the Willy and Martin handcart company.  The father died first and then the first three children of starvation.  They kept feeding the youngest.  The mother was the next to go.  Brigham Young had a vision 2 weeks prior of these children stranded next to their dead mother and sent help.  They were able to get the three children to SLC valley.  The oldest of the three only had to have her toes amputated.  This was the great grandmother of Marjorie Hinckley.

#2 He related the love story of two of his descendants.  The story goes that he met this beautiful young lady at some event and then lost track of her.  He wondered if he would ever see her again, he was so smitten.  Five years later he gets in the elevator of the Hotel Utah and sees her there on the first floor.  She was in a wedding gown going to a rehearsal dinner before her marriage the next day.  Legend has it that by the time they got to the top floor he had her convinced to end the planned marriage and marry him!?  True or not, it’s what makes legends out of stories.

#3  His grandfather on Marjorie’s side lived in Hawaii for many years.  The speaker told of the great love his grandparents had for each other.  Whenever his wife entered a room he stood.  He gathered the family and told them that 95 year old Grandma was in a coma and would be dying the next day.  He, 96, also announced that he would be dying the next day too.  They all said it was bizarre and thought Grandpa had lost it.  The next day Grandma did pass away and 6 hours later so did he…of natural causes.  They had purchased a double coffin.  True?  This guy was there…  What say ye?

LDS Church in Kauai
Aloha but no Linger Longer Luau

Afternoon drive after church to Hawaii’s Grand Canyon…enjoy Waimea CanyonWaimia Canyon

Bob at Waemia

Waimia Canyon picture
Another American tourist agreed that our Grand Canyon just got trumped… (Man, all of a sudden that word means something very literal.)

Waemia Canyon #2

Waemia Clouds
The clouds here are as beautiful as the mountains

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