Day 13 – Trying new things…

Time for Mindfulness and Yoga…

While Bob and I were at the local shopping market in Princeville he pointed out a brand new Yoga business that was just one week old.  In the spirit of aligning with the mission of a sabbatical I had mentioned to Bob that I would like to learn meditation so he got me the information and I went the next day just to check it out.

Lulu was a very delightful, very thinly in shape sensi type of owner.  “Yoga is meeting yourself where you are at, not the others.  This is a difficult class but I don’t want you to feel any pressure.  Be in touch and move to your own self awareness.”  It was something like that.  What was she trying to get at?!  Just kidding…she knew I had zero experience and I was an old chubby little lady.  I’m ok with that.  So I not only joined the class but I stayed for my first class!  I have never sweat like that in my life.  I was looking around wondering if anyone else felt like throwing up.  I  made it the full hour with multiple adaptations.  The best part was at the end when she had us lay on our backs with our eyes closed.  She turned on the fans…heaven…and then spray a mist of lavender scented water over each of us.  I’m going back just for that.

My new schedule:

5:45 Walk with Bob

6:45 Meditation

8:00 Yoga

9:30 Swimming

As of this posting we have 2 1/2 weeks left before we head back to Phoenix/SLC.  I would love to think it will make a physical difference in my size, but if not, it won’t be for not trying.

YogaNo shoes yogaWave Yoga


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