Day 28-29 – Good-bye Kauai

Farewell to our little home away from home at Pali Ke Kuia #140.  It was the perfect space for us.  I sat on round ran-tan chair that rocked and swiveled while Bob sat on the couch.  We had a round table where we would place our snacks as we read, talked and watch movies…yes I brought our Apple TV and it worked perfectly.

The rainbow was the first to greet us as we went on our last walk.  Bob claims it was a sign.  I’m not sure what kind of sign but I’m hoping that it will follow us to Mesa where it is currently 118 degree!

This lone little bench was our sunrise and sunset bench.  It provided a lot of quite zen time for us.  I think I will miss it most.

Leaving Pali Ke Kuia - Home in KauaiOur sunrise and sunset benchRainbow

We discovered a path from our property to the beach below just two days ago.  I was hesitant to go because it was steep and appeared to be long and I knew what goes down must come up!  Luckily they had perfectly placed benches to rest right when we needed it.

The picture of the hillside below is from “our sunset bench”.  It is the hillside that takes you to the beach.

Bob braving the first ascent down the path.

Beautiful scenes all the way down.

Cliff walkway picturewalkway to the beachBob on pathway under treeView of the beach

I am embarrassed to say that in our month here on the island I never touched the sand or ocean.  This beach was really smooth rock with moss covering most of it.  It was a bit sketchy but I took my shoe off and made my way very carefully to the water.


Tennis shoes


Christi on beach

Bob is taking it in for the last time.

Bob looking at ocean

On the way up I found another example of plant species that attach to trees.  Interesting root system on the trees.  They are everywhere on the island.

Since our flight does not leave until 10:10 tonight we have found a quiet corner at the Saint Regis to hang until it’s time to head to the airport…it is only 2:30!

This island with all is divergent beauty gave us time to find perspective and a chance at a new start with peaceful hearts and a commitment to care for ourselves and each other. Here’s to new brave beginnings.

Farewell Kauai







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