Day 30-35 – Sidetracked to Salt Lake City!

I quick diversion from our sabbatical found us in Salt Lake City at the “Field Trip” Kent Lyons had organized for a team of 30 developers and downtown enthusiasts for downtown Mesa redevelopment planning.  After two days of conversation led by a facilitator and a tour of key developments in downtown SLC we took the team Saturday night to the MCO concert in the Tabernacle.  See one of the responses below…


But the best part was spending our Sunday with our Utah family.  Henry was very upset about something so I held him to comfort him only to have him quickly fall asleep.  I dare not move as to not lose this precious moment.  Then there was princess Mina making calls and breaking into spontaneous dance.  Quite a fashion diva.  It was also the first time since Charlie’s birth that we were able to see him.  He is an angel little boy with big beautiful eyes like his Momma and Grandpa.

Great conversation and seeing our family made the next step to New Zealand for three months easier to anticipate.  It will be hard to have so much water between us and our family but here’s to a new adventure and time to “sharpen the saw” for Bob and I.  I hope we come back with a new and joyful perspective.

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