Day 36 – On our way to New Zealand

I do not have pictures of our crazy two days in Arizona as we prepared for our trip to New Zealand because pictures of me stressed are not very pretty!  We were in crisis mode over details of getting our home ready to leave again. We put it on the market to sell just to test the waters while we are gone.  When we flew back from SLC we found that the 120 degree days just the week before had done some real damage to our plants. Lots of things to resolve in a very small amount of time before our flight Tuesday night. I was actually relieved to be on a the 14 hour flight to New Zealand.  At that point, there was nothing more we could do but find a comfortable way to sleep!  It was a special moment when we caught our first sight of Auckland in the early morning hours right before we landed.

international LA ariportfirst sight of auckland on plane


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