Day 39 (we lost a day inflight) In Auckland New Zealand

Note to self.  When arriving early on an international flight try to arrive in the afternoon when your room is ready!  We arrived at the Langham only to have to kill time for 3 hours.  Bob found a couch in a hidden corner of the convention center to sleep.  I was in that half buzzing/half exhausted state and so I did a little catching up and checking in.  It was hardly a trial but man was I grateful for a shower and a bed!  The good news is that the hotel is lovely.  I snapped my first NZ photo of this.  I think I want one…langham chandileir

After a long daytime nap we looked out our window to find this quaint little restaurant and decided to give it a try.  The decor, ambiance and food did not disappoint. It was called “Number 5”.

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