Day 40 – Early “Fall” walk into a dream world.

We took advice from one of the books we read and decided to get to know the city by way of a tour bus.  Totally recommend for anyone going into a new city for the first time.  The first stop of the day was a park in the early morning hours with fog still lingering… Wow!

sunrise in parkfog in parkbob in fog

Yes, this happened.  Then we walk ourselves into this 100 year old greenhouse.  New Zealand’s first day was full of wonderful surprises…Greenhouse1greenhouse6Greenhouse7Greenhouse8Greenhouse3Greenhouse9Greenhouse5

And then luck would have it that we found a barber on our way back to the hotel.  Truly the best cut Bob has ever had.  This guy was like Edward Scissor Hands.  So fast and so accurate.  I watched in awe silence.


Our evening dining was a long walk to a restaurant Adam and Abby Hawkins recommended.  It was called Coco’s Cantina.  Delicious and worth the scary walk which was not in such a great neighborhood!  coco cocina

This day we got triple circles on our IWatch!  It was a great day…

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