Day 41 – West Side Story

On our 3rd day here we took a walk along Parnell Street, a famous shopping and eating destination.  I’d call it more eating as there were  only 2 stores and 20 restaurants.  The find of the day was this tiny restaurant hidden in the back of an alley.  Best minestrone soup we have ever had!  hidden restaurantBob in hidden restaurantChristi hidden restuarantrestaurant 2

So this is when the value of the tour bus comes in.  We’re on the triple decker bus which gave me a perfect shot of the Civic Theater playing “Westside Story”.  Best part is that it advertised is night sky ceiling.  Bob said…we have to go see this!  Aside from the rain and wind, that broke our umbrellas, the theater and show did not disappoint!Tickets to West Side Storywestside Christistar ceilingstar ceiling 1Civic Theater curtain

By the way, walking around Auckland is a bit like San Fransisco.  This city is a hill.  On the top is our hotel.  Everything is lower which means getting there is easy, getting back is a hike…especially with the storm still raging after the show ended.  I was so grateful for a soft warm bed…

As for the show, I am always hoping that Tony doesn’t die in the end.  If I ever produce Westside Story I will have the bullet miss him so he and Maria can go on to have a family and live happily ever after.


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