Day 42 – Welcome Welcome Sabbath Morning…

And what a welcome it was!  I think every member of the ward made their way over to greet us!  They seemed quite delighted to have visitors.  The testimonies were full of stories, one that took 15 minutes and had us all completely confused over his point.  Other than that it was fun to sing hymns with the Saints and to feel so quickly a part of our world-wide family.  The ward was made up of 95% Mauries.  I think that’s how you spell it?!

Church in Auckland

We decided to break our fast by going to the wharf and finding a great seafood restaurant called Oyster Bar.  We had…steak.  In the middle of our dinner people around us started getting very excited about a man with a large trophy coming into the restaurant.  When we asked why it was such a big deal they were shocked that we did not recognized the trophy as it was the “American Cup”!  Well, that didn’t do me much good.  What was the American Cup and what sport did it represent?!  Sailing.  New Zealand won it back from the Americans just a few days ago and this guy (remember we were on the wharf) walks in with the trophy!!!  People were getting their pictures holding it so we jumped in.  Bob wanted to take the picture and our waitress was holding the trophy so I just jumped in before the opportunity passed pretending I understood the magnitude of the moment!  The one nagging thing for me was why was this guy carrying it around the wharf?!

Look closely at the top of both trophies…not the same?  I’m thinking we just got duped.

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