Day 44 and my favorite Coffee Club and a picture for my Mom

The transition from America to New Zealand is incredibly easy.  Besides the driving everything else translates quite easily.  Most of our time in Auckland was spent walking the streets, Queens St. in particular.  It is where the shopping and dining was for the most part.  The trek from our hotel to the wharf (on Queen Street) was all downhill which meant quite a climb coming back and usually in the rain.  If I were to advise someone on the best time of year to come to New Zealand it would be come in September/October.  That is spring for both islands.  With that said, the temperatures have just slightly cold vs the 120 degrees in Phoenix.  The rain is a good tradeoff.

The other great street was Parnell.  Though it had limited shopping, there were a lot of  delicious boutique restaurants which were our favorite with one exception. There was a chain coffee shop which ended up having the… BEST HOT CHOCOLATE!  On our way to Keri Keri we found one and of course we had to stop!

Coffee Club -

This picture below was in the first Coffee Club we went to.  I fell in love with it.  It reminded me of my Mom.  She has quite a collection of tea pots (that we can’t seem to talk your into giving away).  It was beautiful. Probably 30×40.

I love this picture of pots

Look Ben Hunt…I found a really big glass to match your gallon soda jug!

French drinking

Now off to Keri Keri for 6 weeks…

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