Day 46 – So long Auckland…off to Keri Keri

Leaving Auckland had only one challenge…the car with the drivers wheel on the wrong side of the car.  We were excited, however, to have our own wheels and the freedom it would give us.  Navigating the city streets with this new driving orientation lasted only as long as it took to get to the freeway.  It was a three hour drive in the same lane!

At last we were able to witness the lush green of the island as we drove north to the Bay of  Islands.  Sheeps dotted the rolling hills between small towns along the way.  Just in front of us a logging truck.  Being in the business we were so surprised at the size of the logs.  Because of the waterfall some of the rings were a 1/2 inch.  You can see the difference between our  Arizona logs.

Paik and Roy Shearstone Home

Meet Paik and Roy Shearstone.  These are the owners of the beautiful home we are Airbnbing while they are in London awaiting the birth of their 2nd grandchild.  It is a beautiful home that was built to enjoy its incredible views from it’s hilltop.

The home we are in has the entire back of the home in windows that fold into walls transforming the entire north end of the home into an outdoor patio.  We have enjoyed mornings like this early winter fog settling into the valley behind us.

Breakfast outside houseMornings are cool as it is still the middle of winter here but with a blanket you could hardly pass up this kind of moment.

Goodnight view from our bedroom

Sunset is always at 5:35 everynight.  This is the view of the sheep ranchers farm behind us.


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