Day 77 (August 5th) – Monday morning and nothing on our calendar…it’s a hard life.

Monday is actually my cleaning/laundry/errand day.  Yes there are a few errands like lunch and a run to the post office.  With it being a small downtown it makes it easy to do all our errands by foot which also includes our daily walk in the park…

One of our great finds for a restaurant is on the outskirts of the city.  It’s called Wharepuke and its entrance is a bit of a jungle so you really have to be looking for it.  As “regulars” we have become good friends with the waitresses.  It had been several weeks since we had visited the Wharepuke and much to our surprise when we walked in they were just delighted and walked us to our favorite table.  This is the kind of place where you would rather go straight for the desserts.  The one in particular is my all time favorite!  It is called the “Chocpot”  The creator and chief was once Shania Twain’s chef.  It’s like a chocolate lava cake but on steroids!

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