Day 81 (August 10th) “Post”ing our future and going gray.

This is the ever changing window into our work here in New Zealand.  We have mixed both A/R’s as my son would call them (Action Required) which is Bobs thing.  I added all the “emotional theory filter”.  We will whittle away at this until we come home with a clear idea as to how we want to live the balance of our lives and yes, that is the view from our bedroom window these past 6 weeks!  Sheep roaming the Shire…

Work on the window

As you begin to think through a balance of life plan the first thing you do is give it a timetable.  It is a bit sobering to realize that the time Bob and I have on earth, God willing, comes close to the time we spent in our homes in both Gilbert and Mesa.  I still feel so young!   Aging is a reality that is hard to embrace when you are young.  I could not imagine a day when I would look into a mirror and see gray hair, wrinkles…and the “neck”.  Well the only solution to the “neck” are turtlenecks which  means I’m going to have live in cool weather the rest of my life.  You can make bad decisions in your youth that you think you can outrun, that they will never catch up to you.  They will.  On the other hand, good decisions produce a lifetime of joy.  My life, though it has had its challenges, has been a lifetime of joy and this is why.  We are missing our oldest grandkids and of course Peter but look at that family!

Family Picture Christmas 2016 copy.jpeg

No regrets.  

On the lighter side ~ I have been thinking about growing out the gray.  With Kristen Sanders in America…I haven’t had much of a choice but I’m kind of liking the idea of going more natural.  We will see my resolve when I get home.  I will unpack and go see Kristen.  Those are my two top priorities when I land in Phoenix.

What do you think?


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