Day 95 (August 24th) Wellington is beautiful and family history…

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of Wellington.  Having stayed in smaller towns for most of our stay I was assuming we would find a bit of the same thing.  It was evening as we turned the bend and saw this beautiful city for the first time.  The city and crescent shaped harbor were lit up and I knew this was going to be a new and wonderful adventure.  I couldn’t be sure but I felt as though I would fall in love with this city…and fall in love I did.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 10.51.52 AM.png

The round building in the lower middle part of the picture is the parliament where they conduct all things politics.  They call it the Beehive and is an 1970’s addition to the original building which is far more stately.  I point this picture out because the Bolton Hotel, where we are staying, is just one block behind and one block to the left.  It is our beacon while we make our way back to the hotel at the end of the day.


This is where bad and good architecture collide…Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 10.56.19 AM.png


Finding Family in New Zealand

Craig Blake (Nairns) picked us up at 5:00 last night at the Bolton hotel.  We found out in quick order that he did not have a great relationship with his father (Colin).  When he was 8, his parents divorced because “he (Colin) had found food and alcohol” and left the family without any income as he drank most of it away.

His father went on to marry again and had another daughter.  He eventually divorced his second wife and spent the rest of his life alone.  His obesity and drinking took a toll on his heart and at the age of 81 he died alone in a rest home.

Craig  has only had real contact with his father the last 20 years.  It is interesting is that his extended family have been involved in genealogy for quite some time which is how they found Dad Worsley.

Collin Nairns - relative through the Forsyth line(The young father is Colin Nairn’s.  Dad Worsley has been working with him on genealogy connecting us to through the Forsyth line.  Part of our time here was to find Colin and visit with him about the joint heritage.  We had an address in Hastings and were ready to set out to meet him.  To be sure, Bob did some sleuth work and found that Colin had died the day before we landed.  He passed away in a rest home in Auckland! The person at the rest home called his next of kin to tell them of our visit.  Within a few minutes Bob was talking to Craig, his son!  It is safe to say that hospitality is a way of life for the Kiwi because he invited us to dinner at his home to meet the family.  Craig is the baby in the picture.  He had one older sister who lives in Honolulu and a half sister that lives in Australia from his father’s second marriage.)

FullSizeRender 8

(Colin was a math and science school teacher.  He loved sports and was a volunteer coordinator of rugby tournaments for amateur teams in Auckland.)

When we arrived, Craig’s wife Julie, was busy in the kitchen making dinner…which was by the way delicious.  It was good to have a home cooked meal.  Bob pulled up the genealogy from and they began to try to make the connection.  Though they were not successful, they feel certain that with a little more digging they will find how the two families are related.

Bob and Craig Nairns

Collin and Bob…cousins?Craig, Julie and Emma Nairns - family in New Zealand Emma, Julie and Craig

Julie was a wonderful cook.  Even the cheesecake was homemade.  We may have just had dinner with total strangers in Wellington but it was totally worth it!


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