Day 100 – A familiar face at church in Wellington?

This was our first and only church service in Wellington.  We found the closest building.  We were going to attend the 11:00 Sacrament meeting but when we got there the parking lot and streets were packed with cars.  This could only mean one thing…it was Stake Conference!  We walked into the back of the cultural hall and looked up to see the visiting General Authority sitting on the stand who looked very familiar.  Bob took a picture and then blew it up.  Oh my gosh!!!  It was Craig and Debbie Cardon from Gilbert!

Visiting Authority Craig Cardon

We made our way to the front and when Craig saw us, he was shocked and kept saying “Where am I!?”  It was wonderful to visit with them for a moment.  They are actually assigned here as the Area President in New Zealand and live in Auckland.  We grabbed a picture to prove it!

Cardons in New Zealand

And to end this blog just a few joyous pictures that keep me smiling here in New Zealand!

Poor little James, he got his fingers smashed in a door and so it was off to the ER…again! No broken bones thankfully.

David’s birthday celebration on Sunday with the Ekstroms.  They were on a nice summer eves walk with the kids.

And our darling, darling, darling little Poppy off to her first dance class!

Blessed beyond measure…

2 thoughts on “Day 100 – A familiar face at church in Wellington?

  1. Love it all! How fun to see familiar faces! Did Dad bring up his radical missionary ideas to the Cardons?:)
    I LOVE that statue of the woman covered in poems and messages and I want to make an inscription on my house someday that says, “This is the Capitol of the Verb”.


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