Day 110 Blog Post (September 8th) Queenstown at last and the crown jewel of the trip…it is beautiful! (September 5th to the 9th)

We are staying at the Pounamu Apartments complete with a kitchen, W/D, a FIREPLACE (finally) and of course the views are amazing.  mountains and lake in QueenstownBeautiful Queens town city and mountains

Our walk to the city is ten minutes by sidewalk or 30 minutes by way of the lake.  We chose the lake of course.  It was a lovely evening, hardly needed a coat.  We thought we had landed in the perfect time of the year.  Well, that was the last warm day of our stay. Not to worry, we have become quite adept at layering for warmth.


Last night we came upon this piano man and his piano

Note the big wheels on the bottom of the piano.

His signs says:

This Piano came from the Dump!  I have restored, repaired and returned it in an ongoing self inflicted piano tuning apprenticeship.  Thanks for listening!  P.S. All of the music I’m playing was composed by me on this piano which now lives in my van!

I left him $10.  He deserved it.

And today it is a winter wonderland.  We decided to play some Christmas music while it snowed.  It only seemed right.  I never get to listen to Christmas music and have snow at the same time in the valley!

Merry Christmas still shot

Now it’s time to put on all the clothes I have and walk to dinner…

Merry Christmas!


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