Day 125 (Saturday, Sept. 23rd) Meet the Gazzard’s and Cancer Awareness fence.

Meet Ian and Susan Gazzard.  Bob, having proven his sleuth skills, found this couple in Wanaka, just an hour drive from Queenstown.  Susan is the Forsyth but her husband is the genealogist.  They had all kinds of stories and histories to share with us.  We learned that there were three different Forsyth’s that came from Scotland to New Zealand starting in the mid 1800’s.

We were not able to make an immediate connection but we have a lot to work with once we get home.  Susan had prepared a lovely lunch for us before we left.  Though Bob and Susan may not be close blood relatives, by the time we left we felt like family.

Ian and Sally Gazzard and BobGazzards with Christi

As we were about to leave they gave us a tour of their gardens.  There were some major master gardening skills in that yard.  She cut this beautiful flower for me.  I have seen it all over the islands but did not know the name until today…it’s a Camelia.

Camellia Flower in NZ Susan & Ian Gazzard

We have passed this fence several times as we made our way to church last Sunday and to the Gazzard’s today.   I’m not sure how hanging that many bras on a fence helps the breast cancer cause but it is definitely an eye catcher!

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