Day 4 – Homeless and Power of not Knowing

We have finally found a place to stay for the rest of our time here in Hawaii!  We are no longer homeless.

So here are some things to know before you come to Hawaii in the summer.  Only hotels have A/C.  All the homes and condos have fans.  The only source of cooling beyond that are the tradewinds.  Condos through the facility rent out for $250 and up a night.  If you go through a realtor that manages them it is a half the cost.

I’ll be sad to the leave the north end of the island.  Bali Hai will be sung all the way down the lane.

We found a home on the south side of the island.  Not as green but a decent deal for a month’s rent and we overlook the ocean.  I’m just glad we didn’t have to go buy a tent and some cots and sleep on the beach!   It has been difficult to keep it together today.  There are moments I just want to come home and be hot there instead of here.  Dad, on the other hand has been very patient with my “moments”.  He seems unflappable.

I pray for peace in the journey.

tent - homeless

Embracing the Beginners Minds…

Little girl on swing More musings from my reading.  This is about the value of not knowing:

“Inflated confidence leads old hands to ignore contextual information, and the more familiar an expert is with a particular kind of problem, the more likely he is to pull a prefabricated solution out of his memory bank rather than respond to the specific case at hand.”

“The freshest and most interesting solutions often come when we embrace “the beginner’s mind,” approaching novel experiences with fresh eyes.  This is a cornerstone of emotional agility.”

It dawned on me that if you are an expert at something, it’s time to consider a new path full of questions and doubts.  That’s how we keep growing.

As I read this on the plane I realized that Consolari could never have been developed by an expert.  Their preconceived idea of what a hall “is” would have gotten in the way of the development and programming of what is needed.  The expert would have built a music hall, Consolari will care first about human impact than music and the space.  Music is just the tool.

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